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Support OEMTM Data Exchange

A Web-Based Supplier Relationship Management System

An OEM has a multitude of tasks to complete when it produces a finished product. The tasks start with the design of the product, and then advances to the procurement process. After procurement, as an OEM constructs its product, incorporation of purchased components and/or parts from its supply-chain is critical. Finally, after product construction, an OEM may be involved in the installation of the product. SIMCOM's Support OEM Data Exchange™ is a world-class electronic database, linking each of these important steps to the OEM's supply-chain and to the OEM's internal organization.

Throughout the entire life cycle of the product, the OEM is held responsible for product liability while faced with the daunting task of assimilating hundreds of environmental, safety and health regulations. These tasks are complex and involve hundreds of persons, especially for products sold on a global basis. Support OEM is a modern B2B Internet tool providing valuable integration.

SIMCOM's Support OEM is a modern communication system designed for the life-cycle tasks of a product. It thoroughly integrates each step of the life cycle into an easy-to-use structure. The platform allows each task manager to make their own inputs relative to their role in the process and to generate useful summary reports, which can be shared with management personnel.

The purchaser of the OEM's finished product operates and maintains production tools and may have different data collection or reporting needs. For example, issues related to repair history or spare parts integration may be collected and maintained within the Support OEM Data Exchange.

Support OEM Data Exchange is a robust, web-based supply chain management system -- a leading service in the new, modern era.