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A Five-step Integrated System for Distance Learning

Stage 1: PASS™

Preparatory Assessment Statistical Survey ™

A web-based student survey used to aggregate information about each potential individual.    Using results, each student is assigned to a specific Training Optimization Group (TOG) ™.

Stage 2: TOG™

Training Optimization Group ™

A comprehensive online introduction to the entire training process. Each student will visit a   designated web location to find and review the information about the training they will receive. Students will be linked to the Individual Skills and Needs Analysis (ISNA) ™ questionnaire upon completion of their review.

Stage 3: ISNA™

Individual Skills and Needs Analysis™

This process-step assesses each individual's beginning knowledge of the curricula. Upon completion of the ISNA™, SIMCOM will evaluate the results and notify the student of their suggested Self Administered Educational Fulfillment Module (SAEF) ™ and their curricula level, i.e. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. The ISNA™, is extremely important to both the individual student and the company as it ensures a much higher level of curricula customization and gives the company a metric for managing skill growth over a longer period of time.

Stage 4: SAEF™

Self-Administered Education Fulfillment™ 

Each course is offered via the Internet and are enhanced by interactive graphics, practice tests and user-friendly functions. Each student may work at their own pace and within their individualized curricula.

Stage 5: CLASS™

Community Learning and Activity Sessions™

After completion of the SAEF™ modules a battery of ESH experts will offer live Community Learning and Activity Sessions™. Designed to be flexible to a student's job schedule, each CLASS™ will be offered at varied times over numerous dates.

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